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Generator Monitoring System

FleetZOOM FZ300 Generator Monitor with Monitoring Website

Receive emails and text messages on your phone and computer whenever the status of your generator changes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Generator running, low fuel, main power failure, and more. Get real time status updates and alarms that will help you maintain critical power availability for your enterprise. Run reports anytime on your computer using the included monitoring website.

Wireless & Easy To Use! - Works on all brands and types of standby generators.

Generator Monitoring Diagram

How It Works

The FleetZOOM FZ300 Remote Telemetry Unit (RTU) monitors your standby generator and picks up available alarm and status signals from the generator control or genset annunciator panel. If an alarm or status change occurs the wireless monitoring unit transmits the signal to the monitoring website where the condition is recorded and then distributed to as many email addresses, cell phones via text message, or pagers as you like.

Ideal for both standby generator and mobile generator management, the FleetZOOM generator monitoring solution enables remote generator management to make sure your emergency power system is in top form and ready to go at a moment's notice. Remote generator monitoring ensures critical equipment is ready while extending life and reducing maintenance costs.

FleetZOOM FZ300 Generator Monitor


When the status of your standby generator changes, notifications and alarms are instantly sent via SMS to cell phones, pagers, PDA's and by e-mail.

The included monitoring web site service provides management tools, live status, event and alarm history, maintenance and service logs, as well as mapping to show the location and status of all of your standby generators on one easy to use web site!

Generator Monitor

Typical Signals Monitored for Generators

  • Generator Running
  • Not In Automatic Start Mode
  • Low Fuel
  • Utility Power Failure
  • Low Engine Temperature
  • Common Alarm
  • Low Battery Voltage
  • Battery Charger Failure
  • Overspeed
  • Overcrank
  • High Engine Temperature
  • Low Oil Pressure
  • Low Coolant Level

Generator Monitoring System Features

  • Fast Installation & Easy Configuration
  • Web-based, wireless system - No dedicated computers or software required
  • Access to site/equipment from anywhere: home, office, hotel, etc.
  • DC power supply keeps system up during power outages
  • Multiple digital inputs, dry contacts, NO or NC
  • Multiple analog inputs, 4 to 20 ma, 0 to 5 vdc
  • Controlled digital outputs for remotely starting or stopping of the generator
  • Continuous diagnostics, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Immediate notification of alarms and events
  • Daily status updates of each site by email and/or text
  • History file captures all events and alarms, date and time stamped
  • Service and maintenance log to track all work or repairs performed on equipment
  • Web-based configuration and description for each alarm/event
  • Alarms/events sent by text message to pagers, cell phones and email
  • Records all events in an event statistics log
  • Individualized event messaging
  • Generates reports from history and event statistics file
  • Capable of monitoring almost anything
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Emergency Generator
Standby Generator Monitor
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Generator Monitor Overview:

Generator Monitoring System Details

Generator Monitor - Details

Provides live information from the monitored generator. Cranking battery voltage, wireless signal strength, ambient temperature, and live status of all monitored generator signals are displayed.  The system typically monitors all signals on your generator annunciator.

Standby Generator Transfer Switch Graph

Generator Monitor - Graphs

Live data visualization enables generator owners and operators to spot trends before they become problems and confirm equipment health and performance. Calendars to the left of the graph enable an easy to use date selection tool to narrow or expand the range of displayed data.

Generator Monitoring Statistics

Generator Monitor - Reports & Statistics

Provides both summary and detailed statistical reporting for every event type and compiles total generator run time, power outage time, and all other signals monitored at the generator or transfer switch over any selected date range. Report data can be exported with a single click using the icons above the report into a variety of formats: spreadsheet, text, csv, xml, html. Additionally reports can be printed directly from the website with the single click of the print icon. These reports make running aggregated statistical reporting of all signals on your generator set annunciator fast and easy.

... and Much More!

The examples above are just a few generator monitoring website features. Please contact a product specialist using the button below to learn about all of the generator monitoring system features the solution provides.

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Generator Monitoring Information

FleetZOOM FZ300 Generator Monitor

Banks, hospitals, data centers, commercial buildings and municipal water and wastewater pumping stations all depend on reliable power for their operation. When utility power fails, commercial standby power generators provide backup power to many types of essential enterprises. A FleetZOOM emergency generator monitor ties into the generator control panel which provides settings for the mode of the generator. Electronics inside the generator control automatically start the generator when power fails. Once the generator has reached operating RPM and the generator control unit determines the unit is "ready to load," the automatic transfer switch will disconnect the building's load from the utility power grid and connect generator power to the building.

Most generator installations include a remote annunciator panel that displays the status of the generator and generator switch. Signals displayed on the remote annunciator can be monitored remotely with the FleetZOOM FZ300 equipment monitoring unit. In some cases, such as hospitals and other public facilities the NFPA and fire code mandate the use of a generator annunciator panel visible to a staffed location inside the building which serves as their remote generator monitor. Because power is critical to many operations, a backup generator monitor and continuous real-time status and alarm information from the generator is a necessity for a business or enterprise to function. Facilities managers directly benefit from the FleetZOOM generator monitor for their standby generators with improved reliability, reduced generator maintenance costs and fewer issues with backup power.

Commercial standby generators vary in size, but generally, large enterprise backup power generators range from 100 kW to 2MW, with 200 kW to 500 kW being the most common. Larger backup power requirements are met by generator paralleling. With a paralleled power generation system, multiple generators are synchronized at the generator control. They are wired together (in parallel) so their power output can be multiplied. It only takes two generators to create a paralleled system, but systems with up to eight generators are common for large data centers. The FleetZOOM FZ300 genset monitor can be tied together with both the generator annunciator and the network control that manages the paralleled generators. Paralleled generator systems are complex so continuous status monitoring by facility maintenance personnel is essential to reliable operation.

Monitoring of Power Generators from FleetZOOM

Although most of these larger gensets are Diesel generators, natural gas is used at some installations. Natural gas does not provide as much energy from combustion as Diesel, therefore the same size engine operating on natural gas will not be able to provide as much power output as the Diesel generator. An FZ300 used as a Diesel generator monitor works the same as the natural gas version, but FleetZOOM devices used for Diesel generator monitoring can also report fuel level if a level transducer is installed, or report low fuel through use of a digital input if a low fuel level switch is installed in the fuel tank.

Preventative maintenance for gensets is another important reliability and longevity boosting practice for generators. Most local generator service companies offer preventative maintenance agreements, or PMAs for generator maintenance. These agreements are a big part of any good generator management program, and are tailored to each generator application and involve scheduling oil changes based on generator run time and the time between oil and filter changes. Other maintenance, such as Diesel fuel treatment, emissions testing, load testing and scheduled engine maintenance are often included. Centralized monitoring of service intervals with automatic reminders, based on both run time and calendar date, are important components of the generator monitoring system offered by FleetZOOM. Coordinating these services is especially beneficial for mobile generators where the FleetZOOM FZ330 can be used for generator tracking. Savvy generator owners often request that their generator service company incorporate generator remote monitoring service into their preventative maintenance agreements.

Due to the size of the engines used in typical commercial backup gensets, a large generator battery is required. In fact, most of the larger gensets require multiple banks of generator batteries to start the genset. If the batteries are not in top form, the generator will fail to start. This happens more frequently than some facility managers would like to admit. Emergency generator monitoring systems like the FleetZOOM FZ300 will watch the generator batteries which are essential for reliable starting of the genset when it is needed. This degree of standby generator monitoring goes beyond simple voltage monitoring. Ideally the monitoring of the batteries should be done continuously, but specifically while the generator is starting, so a determination can be made by an intelligent remote monitoring unit of battery strength. With genset monitoring, generator maintenance personnel can be notified at the first sign of weakness during engine cranking so the batteries can be replaced if needed. It's amazing that typical backup generator systems costing hundreds of thousands of dollars fail to meet the needs of their owners simply because batteries are not properly maintained, but this is a common failure point in emergency power systems. Monitoring battery status 24x7 is essential to reliable standby power availability that is ready for utilization at any given moment. An emergency generator remote monitor like the FleetZOOM FZ300 will cover the batteries, status, power, and report any alarms should they occur.

FleetZOOM Remote Annunciator Panel Monitoring

Maintaining warm engine coolant and oil temperature for standby generators while the engine is off is essential for their reliable fast loading in emergency situations. Most people understand that high coolant temperature when it comes to your car is a bad thing, but on a standby generator, low coolant temperature is equally as bad because in some cases the generator won't be able to start fast enough to take over the emergency load within the amount of time it was designed to do. Low coolant temperature is a key fault to watch for on gensets and you'll usually find that signal shown prominently on the generator remote annunciator. Most standby generators have a block heater powered from utility line power. This block heater keeps the entire engine block, including coolant and oil, at an elevated temperature so the engine can be utilized at full rated load within seconds after starting. If the block heater fails, the engine will endure much greater mechanical wear during startup, causing more costly overhauls, and even worse, there is an increased chance the generator won't start fast enough to meet the needs of the emergency power load. The FleetZOOM remote generator monitoring system immediately notifies generator operators about these overcrank or "fail to start" conditions. In most generator installations a low coolant temperature alarm is displayed on the generator monitoring panel and notifies generator operators when the block heater has failed and no longer maintains the engine block at elevated temperature. This is another important status signal that a real time, continuous generator monitoring system that FleetZOOM provides keeps tabs on, and immediately notifies generator maintenance personnel of the issue.

Generator Transfer Switch Monitoring from FleetZOOM

The use of a standby generator monitor adds more life to power generation equipment and reduces maintenance costs. A complete standby generator installation is a complex system, both in terms of mechanical and electrical components. Common preventable, or easily corrected, problems include low fuel level, dead or weak batteries, block heater failure, leaving the generator in manual start or "not in auto" mode. All of these conditions can be continuously monitored with the FleetZOOM wireless generator monitoring kit. If any of them occur, alarm generator maintenance personnel immediately are alerted so problems can be addressed before the generator needs to provide backup power. With the web based generator monitoring software that is part of FleetZOOM service, generator owners can keep tabs on their generators in real time, 24x7x365.

With so many preventable and easily resolved issues that impact standby generator reliability, it makes sense for genset owners to utilize wireless generator monitoring. FleetZOOM provides a complete system for the remote monitoring of generators that provides continuous real time monitoring and instant notifications at the first hint of a problem with your genset.

FZ300 Generator Monitoring System Hardware

The FleetZOOM FZ300 remote terminal unit (RTU) is a compact cellular transceiver for monitoring generators that sends live data to the generator monitoring web portal, providing real-time status and alarms.

The FZ300 features 14 digital inputs that are connected to dry contacts (relays) on the generator control or other interface. In addition to alarming on status changes, the system keeps track of generator run time and engine start events, providing remote annunciation of generator set status.

The FZ300 monitors the voltage of the generator's cranking batteries which enables the system to alarm on low battery conditions.

No software to buy, install or maintain; all mapping and data features are accessible over the FleetZOOM monitoring web site from any computer with Internet access.

Proactive service reminders are automatically generated and sent as equipment reaches service intervals based on run-time. Service logs and manuals available over the monitoring web site reduce paperwork and automate record keeping while providing up to the minute service records for all of your monitored equipment.

FleetZOOM FZ300 Dimensions
FZ300 Standby Generator Monitor Technical Specifications
Size 4.0" x 4.3" x 2.3"
Digital Inputs 14
Digital Outputs 4
Analog Inputs 2; 0 to 5 Volt or 0 to 20 mA
Power 9 - 32 Volts
Current Consumption Idle 65 mA
Tx, Avg: 270 mA
Tx, Peak: 2.2 A
GSM Connector SMA Female
Terminal Blocks Dual 16 Position 5 mm Removeable
Radio Quad Band GPRS GSM
Transmit Power 850/900 MHz: Class 4, 2 Watts
1800/1900 MHz: Class 2, 1 Watt
Temperature Operating: -30C to +70C
Storage: -40C to +85C
Max Humidity 95% Non-Condensing
FZ300 Standby Generator Monitor Radio Agency Approvals
FCC Parts 2, 15, 22 and 24
GCF Version 3.21.1
PTCRB Version 3.7.1
Industry Canada Yes
CE Mark Yes
RoHS Compliant Yes
Emark Yes
Carrier Type Approval Yes, AT&T
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Emergency Generator
Standby Generator Monitor
No Phone Lines Needed !
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