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Remote Equipment Monitoring System

FleetZOOM FZ300 Equipment Monitor with Monitoring Website

Emails and text messages are sent to phones and computers whenever the status of your equipment changes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Status alarms, updates, power failure notifications, and more. Get real time status updates and alarms from your industrial equipment that will help you keep important equipment in top form. Run reports anytime on your computer using the included monitoring website.

Wireless & Easy to Use! - Works on all types of industrial equipment.

Industrial Equipment Monitoring Diagram

How It Works

The FZ300 remote monitoring unit picks up available alarm and status signals from industrial equipment control panels. If an alarm or status change occurs the wireless monitoring unit transmits the signal to the monitoring website where the condition is recorded and then distributed to as many email addresses, cell phones via text message, or pagers as you like.

Ideal for monitoring many types of industrial equipment and processes, the FleetZOOM monitoring solution provides remote monitoring to make sure your equipment is in top form at all times. Remote monitoring ensures critical equipment is ready while extending life and reducing maintenance costs.

FleetZOOM FZ300 Remote Monitor


When the status of your equipment changes, notifications and alarms are instantly sent via SMS to cell phones, pagers, PDA's and by e-mail.

The included monitoring web site service provides configuration tools, live status, event and alarm history, maintenance and service logs, as well as mapping to show the location and status of all of your equipment sites on one easy to use web site!

Industrial Equipment Monitoring Devices

Example Signal Monitoring Options


  • Dry Contacts
  • Relays
  • Equipment Status Signals
  • Equipment Alarm Signals
  • Flow Sensors
  • Pressure Sensors
  • Temperature Sensors
  • Tank Level Sensors

Remote Monitoring System Features

  • Fast Installation & Easy Configuration
  • Web-based, wireless system - No dedicated computers or software required
  • Access to site/equipment from anywhere: home, office, hotel, etc.
  • DC power supply keeps system up during power outages
  • Multiple digital inputs, dry contacts, NO or NC
  • Multiple analog inputs, 4 to 20 ma, 0 to 5 vdc
  • Continuous diagnostics, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Immediate notification of alarms and events
  • Daily status updates of each site by email and/or text
  • History file captures all events and alarms, date and time stamped
  • Service and maintenance log to track all work or repairs performed on equipment
  • Web-based configuration and description for each alarm/event
  • Alarms/events sent by text message to pagers, cell phones and email
  • Records all events in an event statistics log
  • Individualized event messaging
  • Generates reports from history and event statistics file
  • Capable of monitoring almost anything
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Wireless Remote Monitor
FleetZOOM Wireless
Remote Monitor
No Phone Lines Needed !
No Software To Buy Ever !
No Software To Install !
Low Cost

Equipment Monitor Overview:

Equipment Monitoring Website System Details

Equipment Monitor - Details

Provides live information from the monitored equipment. Displays all monitored signal statuses, RTU's power voltage, wireless signal strength, ambient temperature are displayed.

Equipment Monitoring Website Graph

Equipment Monitor - Graphs

Live data visualization enables equipment owners and operators to spot trends before they become problems and confirm equipment health and performance. Calendars to the left of the graph enable an easy to use date selection tool to narrow or expand the range of displayed data.

Equipment Monitoring Website Statistics

Equipment Monitor - Reports & Statistics

Provides both summary and detailed statistical reporting for every event type and compiles total equipment run time and all other signals monitored at the equipment over any selected date range. Report data can be exported with a single click using the icons above the report into a variety of formats: spreadsheet, text, csv, xml, html. Additionally reports can be printed directly from the website with the single click of the print icon.

... and Much More!

The examples above are just a few equipment monitoring website features. Please contact a product specialist using the button below to learn about all of the equipment monitoring system features the solution provides.

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Remote Equipment Monitoring Information

With FleetZOOM Remote Monitoring Devices

Remote monitoring devices increase the value of many types of industrial equipment that perform essential functions in the day to day operations of businesses and government. FleetZOOM cellular telemetry solutions can be used on stationary equipment such as generators, pumps, chillers, tanks, electrical and HVAC systems. Mobile or remote telemetry can be applied as an industrial equipment monitor to bulldozers, cranes, trucks, refrigerated trailers, vans and fleet vehicles also contribute to industry all over the world. Owners and responsible personnel need FleetZOOM remote monitoring systems to receive immediate details about problems with their equipment, and the location of the equipment that needs service. But even when equipment is functioning properly, interested personnel need information from a remote monitoring system to stay informed of their equipment status and location. They also need an easily accessible history of all data from past status reports. Then they can make important decisions based on operating intelligence from their telemetry monitoring equipment, by allocating limited mobile resources, or dealing with an emergency or disaster situation that calls for efficient logistics, and quick decision making to utilize the resources available to a business or government at any particular moment in time.

Remote Monitoring from FleetZOOM

Remote equipment monitoring has been around for decades. Industrial equipment monitoring with alarm autodialers, PLCs (programmable logic controllers), and wireless SCADA systems (supervisory control and data acquisition) systems with telemetry features meet some remote device monitoring needs under very specific circumstances or applications of industrial equipment. However, these methods of remote monitoring require too many compromises to be cost effectively beneficial to the majority of the applications for equipment monitoring.

Cellular Telemetry from FleetZOOM

Telemetry monitoring auto dialers require dedicated phone lines to communicate with personnel. And even with dedicated phone lines, conventional telephone based autodialers can make only one call at a time. They are also usually limited by playing back one of a few prerecorded alarm messages. These limitations increasingly constrain conventional telemetry unit autodialers applied to industrial equipment to simpler applications. As the complexity of today's equipment increases, the benefits of a FleetZOOM FZ300 RTU come in to play since the FZ300 eliminates the need for a telephone line. This is really important since some areas don't have phone service available, and even in cases where phone service is available, if an autodialer is the only piece of equipment to utilize the phone line, the monthly service costs are prohibitive. The better choice is a wireless industrial monitor that provides more features at a lower cost than a telephone alarm auto dialer.

Remote Monitoring Devices from FleetZOOM

PLCs provide limited remote monitoring features, when configured appropriately by the system integrator, that tie the PLC into the equipment or process monitored. However, by nature PLCs require custom programming by a specialized developer and PLC integration engineer. A combination of ladder logic and procedural coding are typically used to integrate wireless data telemetry to perform remote monitoring. For monitoring applications where a PLC is already employed to control the piece of equipment, a PLC with remote monitoring will offer the equipment operator some needed features. But when used as wireless monitoring equipment, a PLC is limited to simple remote monitoring applications. Once advanced requirements such as web accessible aggregated historical data that a wireless data logger provides for viewing and export, or consolidated management of multiple sites from a single interface are needed, the PLC is a poor choice because the cost and complexity of implementing those features will far exceed a specialized remote wireless monitoring system.

Fully featured and properly engineered SCADA systems provide the most options when used for industrial telemetry, but at great cost in terms of both dollars and integration time. Most SCADA systems are designed from scratch as remote monitoring equipment, for one piece of equipment at a time. This takes a lot of engineering time and manpower. Furthermore, the complexity of elaborate custom configurations and software built for a given SCADA application makes maintenance of the system inherently difficult. Personnel not directly involved with the initial integration and development will have a hard time adding features or diagnosing issues that inevitably crop up after the personnel who performed the initial integration are no longer available. In certain applications these expenses and issues are justified, but for the vast majority of industrial equipment monitoring applications, SCADA systems are overkill and wasteful. For all but the most demanding monitoring applications, a wireless industrial monitoring system will provide a better balance of features, cost, and maintainability.

Both the FleetZOOM FZ300 and FZ400 use GPRS telemetry data links to connect and upload status, alarm, and data acquisition cellular reports to the servers which store and provide a web interface to the data via the monitoring website. It's worth noting that data acquisition wireless systems like the FleetZOOM FZ300 or FZ400 digital telemetry models, coupled with their wireless telemetry service and monitoring websites are full fledged telemetry systems, capable of performing industrial remote monitoring for almost any industrial application. industrial wireless telemetry and wireless data acquisition provide useful, real time status and alarm information to owners and operators of industrial equipment and processes. remote monitoring solutions provided by FleetZOOM utilize the FZ300 or FZ400 remote wireless monitor to keep them informed of important status changes and alarm conditions in real time.

The FleetZOOM FZ300 can serve as a remote power monitor when ordered with its optional internal backup battery. The status of main, or grid supplied power is constantly monitored by the unit and reported as an alarm (if desired) by remote power monitors and each event is stored in the system any time the status of main or grid power changes. Data parameters and reports can be compiled from the monitoring website over weeks, days, months, quarters etc., to quickly tell the equipment owner the total number of times the power has gone out, the total amount of time it has been off and a full list of each event and duration. As a remote industrial monitor, the FleetZOOM FZ300 wireless monitoring device provides power monitoring features described above in addition to being an ideal platform for wireless telemetry monitoring.

Digital inputs detect two signal states and they can have different meanings depending on the application. An industrial wireless remote monitor detects the digital input as either on or off or in some cases high or low (referring to the voltage of the signal). On the monitored piece of equipment the signal can also be considered normally open or normally closed. A normally open signal typically is off or, low when the status being monitored is normal or off, whereas a normally closed signal operates in the opposite way. Furthermore some digital input signals are positive or negative in their active state. Wireless telemetry units like the FleetZOOM FZ300 can operate with any permutation of those signal types to support different types of equipment.

Wireless Equipment Monintoring from FleetZOOM

Analog inputs read the value of electrical signals from sensors or transducers that output voltage or current proportionately or sometimes inversely to the quantity of what the sensor is measuring. Most sensors output a linear proportional signal, but in some cases a non linear map is required to relate the analog input signal to real-world measured value via the signal being monitored. An industrial wireless monitor like the FleetZOOM FZ300 can monitor analog signals either as voltage (typically 0 to 5 Volts) or current (typically 4 to 20 mA). Analog signals are used to monitor variable quantities unlike digital inputs which are either on or off. Examples of analog signals commonly monitored with wireless telemetry equipment include temperatures, pressures, flow rates, tank levels, and temperatures. While these examples cover a majority of common uses of the analog inputs they can be used to monitor any value that can be read by an electrical sensor that is capable of outputting a voltage or current. Wireless monitoring devices like the FZ300 have internal analog inputs too, which directly monitor its DC power voltage but can also serve as a remote voltage monitor when interfaced with external power meters.

Digital outputs like those found on the FleetZOOM FZ300 industrial wireless monitoring device enable the system to remotely control industrial equipment. Digital outputs can directly interface with many PLC inputs to tell the PLC to perform a program controlled action. Alternatively digital outputs on the FZ300 can directly drive external relays. Relay drive capabilities are advantageous to wireless telemetry systems in a number of ways, most importantly this enables the FZ300 to control equipment in an electrically isolated way. Often digital outputs are used to turn on motors, pumps, fans or other equipment that operates at a much higher AC voltage such as the common 120 VAC found in normal household power, or even 3 phase 480 VAC used to power many larger motors used in pumps. Relays, also called dry contacts, enable the digital outputs to control a much greater current than the FZ300 RTU is able to control directly. A digital output may provide 500 mA of drive whereas a common relay can provide 10 Amps of switching capacity. When considering the remote control capabilities digital outputs add to a remote equipment monitor, the system is really more than just a "monitor" since it can perform control functions on the same piece of equipment it is simultaneously monitoring.

The FleetZOOM FZ300 is a wireless telemetry module that enables wireless equipment monitoring. Digital inputs, analog inputs and digital outputs suitable for driving external relays are all provided by the unit. Most wireless equipment monitors pick up the signals they are monitoring from dry contacts, or relays on the equipment that is being monitored, but analog inputs can be used to monitor variable signals with a sensor that outputs a voltage (typically 0-5 Volt) or current (typically 4-20mA). A wireless equipment monitor like the FZ300 consists of 20 discreet monitoring points; 14 digital inputs, 4 digital outputs and 2 analog inputs. But there isn't really a limit to how many I/O points can be monitored, with expansion modules or use of larger wireless industrial monitors, like the FZ400, equipment remote monitoring can be applied to almost any type of industrial equipment, regardless of complexity or I/O density.

Key features of the FleetZOOM FZ300 wireless remote monitoring system include totally wireless operation. No phone lines or data lines are required on the piece of equipment or the site. The FZ300 remote telemetry unit provides more features than a remote annunciator. The entire system is web-based, so there is no software to buy. Utilizing cellular network infrastructure for cellular data acquisition the FZ300 essentially operates as a cell phone data acquisition device. Thanks to its design, the cellular equipment monitoring system is easy to use and install. An internal battery backup on the RTU (remote terminal unit) enables remote power monitoring and keeps the system operating during power outages in addition to notifying interested personnel about loss of power on the piece of equipment or at the site monitored. The system provides daily updates by email or text. It gives immediate notification for any remote industrial monitoring alarms or events. Each daily report displays summary and statistical data for all monitored signals. Users can access the remote monitoring system from anywhere, be it a home, the office or any place with internet access. The web-based configuration features provide flexible options for the sensor and transducer setup, while the online reports and history files make exporting data for all the events and alarms a snap.

Remote Equipment Monitoring System Hardware

The FZ300 is a compact cellular transceiver for monitoring industrial equipment that sends live data to the equipment monitoring web portal, providing real-time status and alarms.

The FZ300 features 14 digital inputs that interface with dry contacts (relays) on the equipment control. In addition to alarming on status changes, the system keeps track of equipment run time and all events.

No software to buy, install or maintain; all mapping and data features are accessible over the FleetZOOM monitoring web site from any computer with Internet access.

Proactive service reminders are automatically generated and sent as equipment reaches service intervals based on run-time. Service logs and manuals available over the monitoring web site reduce paperwork and automate record keeping while providing up to the minute service records for all of your monitored equipment.

FleetZOOM FZ300 Dimensions
FZ300 Remote Monitor Technical Specifications
Size 4.0" x 4.3" x 2.3"
Digital Inputs 14
Digital Outputs 4
Analog Inputs 2; 0 to 5 Volt or 0 to 20 mA
Power 9 - 32 Volts
Battery Backup Internal
Current Consumption Idle 65 mA
Tx, Avg: 270 mA
Tx, Peak: 2.2 A
GSM Connector SMA Female
Terminal Blocks Dual 16 Position 5 mm Removeable
Radio Quad Band GPRS GSM
Transmit Power 850/900 MHz: Class 4, 2 Watts
1800/1900 MHz: Class 2, 1 Watt
Temperature Operating: -30C to +70C
Storage: -40C to +85C
Max Humidity 95% Non-Condensing
FZ300 Remote Monitor Radio Agency Approvals
FCC Parts 2, 15, 22 and 24
GCF Version 3.21.1
PTCRB Version 3.7.1
Industry Canada Yes
CE Mark Yes
RoHS Compliant Yes
Emark Yes
Carrier Type Approval Yes, AT&T
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Wireless Remote Monitor
FleetZOOM Wireless
Remote Monitor
No Phone Lines Needed !
No Software To Buy Ever !
No Software To Install !
Low Cost
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